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Bloomington Herald-Times
January 01, 2017

Owen County's Betty Blaker is one determined woman

(Summarized from a longer, copyrighted article)

After winning fight to bury her husband on their land, a green cemetery is new goal

Betty Blaker, who owns 300 acres in Owen County north of Spencer, wants to create a green cemetery on her property, but she's been running into legal issues. She received permission to bury her husband Milo on the site and will be buried there herself. She found a 500-pound piece of sandstone for her grave marker, probably a foundation stone for her grandfather's house.

Her mother, Rose Fern Livingston, was born in the house. Betty's brothers, Steve and Lewis Fender, live just down the road. She also owns a rental house across from Riverside Cemetery, where her mother used to live. She has exhibited canned foods and produce at the Owen County Fair for 78 years.

She has no heirs.