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Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 05, 1919

Gosport Woman Dies

Mrs. Victoria McCarty, 64 years old, widow of William McCarty, died Tuesday afternoon of last week of influenza-pneumonia at her home north of Gosport after an illness of about four weeks. She is survived by six sones, Leslie of North Dakota, Curtis and Tinsley of Jasonville, W. C. of Spencer, Woody and Elijah of Gosport, and three daughters, Mrs. Ethel Kilburn and Edna Summers of Indianapolis and Malissa at home. The husband and two children preceded her in death.

Funeral services were held at the home Thursday morning and at the Baptist church in Quincy and interment was made in the Combs cemetery.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 05, 1919

Obituary (Knipe)

Bertha J., second child of John and Mary Knipe, was born near Paoli, Orange county, July 16, 1897, and came with her parents to Owen county when she was about 7 years of age, where she has since lived.

She was married to Vernon Steele Oct. 12, 1913; to this happy union one son was born, Roe Borden, May 18, 1915. She accepted her savior during Brother Gray's meetings and became of member of the Presbyterian church at Bethany in 1915. She was a member of the Ladies Aid Society and was always ready and willing to do her part.

Bertha had an exceptionally sweet, sympathetic disposition, a blessing and comfort to her husband's parents, an inspiration to her young husband, and a kind loving neighbor.

Two weeks ago this happy family was stricken with the dreaded influenza. With Bertha, it was almost hopeless from the first, and every thing that human hands could do was of no avail. On the night of the 22nd her spirit went home. 'Twas then that a messenger from God came silently below, and bore her spirit away. Oft from our heart comes the bitter cry, "Why, Oh why, did our darling die." Then comes the thot (sic) so solemn and deep, She is not dead, Only asleep. God was her ransom, her guardian, her guide. Death has no sting since the Saviour hath died.

She leaves to mourn their loss the husband, little son Roe-Borden, and a host of relatives and friends. She will be missed by the ones who loved her so dearly; but our loss is Heaven's gain. N.L.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 12, 1919

Pioneer Woman Dies

Mrs. Sarah Peden, A Native Of This County, Succumbs To Heart Disease Foned (sic) In Yard

Mrs. Sarah (Beem) Peden, almost 77 years old, widow of Thomas A. Peden, died Monday morning of heart trouble after only a few minutes' illness. She had gone into the yard to hang some wash cloths on a clothers line when she fell. Just how log she lay helpless is not known. She was found by Fred Drescher who, in passing, heard her moaning. She was carried into the house and dies in about ten minutes, conscious to the last. She talked with her physician and others about her and stated that her heart had stopped, causing her to fall.

Mrs. Peden was a daughter of Levi and Sarah (Johnson) Beem and was born in this county in 1843. She was married Sept. 29, 1863, to Thomas A. Peden. He died Aug. 14, 1912. Mrs. Peden is survived by three sonds, Jesse P., Walter B., and Howard Peden; two brothers, David E. and Daniel Beem, and four sisters, Mrs. Samuel Steele, of Romona, Mrs. S. D. Richards of Patricksburg, Mrs. Julia Morgan and Mr. W. S. Mead, both of Spencer. None of her sons were in town at the time of her death; Jesse was at Martinsville and Walter and Howard at the farm.

Funeral services are to be help at 10 a.m. today (Wednesday) at the house, Rev. Larmore of the M. E. church officiating. Interment will be ade in Riverside cemetery.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 19, 1919

Mrs. Samuel Pickens Dead

Mrs. Virginia F. Pickens, 67 years old, wife of Samuel O. Pickens, died Wednesday evening about 6 o'clock at her home, 1901 North Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis after a brief illness of influenza of a severe character. Mrs. Pickens was born in Spencer in 1851 and was a daughter of Judge William M. Franklin, and a sister of Mrs. N. D. Cox. In 1872 she was married to Samuel O. Pickens, an attorney, and for many years past they have made their home in Indianapolis.

Mrs. Pickens has long been a member of the First Baptist church and was active in all church work. She is survived by the husband and four chldren, Rush F. Pickens, Mrs. H. C. Adams, Owen Pickens, and Mrs. Margeurite Gregory, all of Indianapolis. The two sons are members of the law firm with which their father is associated.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 19, 1919

News From Soldier Sons

Elmer Spear of Worthington, who was here Saturday, stated that he had recently received word from his two sons. Bruce and Paul, in overseas service. Paul is in the Rainbow division and is stationed near Coblenz in the army of occupation. Bruce is in the 37th Ohio guards and was at port ready to sail as soon as orders were received. He was in the fighting for six months and his division was shelling Metz when the armistice was signed. Both boys are well and hearty and so far as their parents know have gone through uninjured.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 19, 1919

Soldiers Return

William and Alvin Dayhoff, sons of Joe Dayhoff, and Earl Miller, all of Patricksburg neighborhood, returned home Saturday from the service. They were members of the 41st (Sunset) division and have been together (illegible) since they left Owen County. (illegible) They were over seas six months.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 19, 1919


Owen County Lad, On Duty At Coblenz Sends Fine Letter To His Parents.

Corporal Harley Shouse of Jefferson township, now at Coblenz Germany, part of that new Watch on the Rhine, sends an interesting letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Shouse, which we are privileged to publish. When Shouse left here he said he was going to sit flat down on the kaiser. He came near doing it : he tells here how he sat on the kaiser's grandfather. Everybody who knew young Shouse said he would be the "cut-up" of the bunch and at home anywhere. He is making the most of his opportunities while in the army and is having a good time.

Spencer Owen Leader, page 1
March 19, 1919


Lieut. Dan Mcintosh of Worthington, well known here, underwent an operation for appendicitis in a Liverpool hospital one day last week and his mother was notified by cable. His condition was not given in the message.

Bert Baugh of Indianapolis visited his brother, Man Baugh and family Saturday.

Virgil, the 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Troth, died of flu Saturday night at their home in Patricksburg, and was buried Monday in the Lutheran cemetery. The child was a grandson of John Knox.

Mrs. Willis Hickam was in Indianapolis Saturday.

C. F. Allison, who has spent several weeks at Daytona Beach, Fla., returned home Thursday. He appears much benefitted by his vacation and reports an enjoyable time.

Mrs. Barbara Spear, who has spent the past several weeks with friends at Jordan, was here for the week end with Mrs. Kate Martin.

Mrs. Fanny Weatherwax of Bloomington came Saturday afternoon intending to visit her father, W. H. Penrod, in Patricksburg but the creeks had risen so rapidly she had to forego the visit. She returned to Bloomington Sunday morning where she is engaged in schoolwork. While here she was a guest of Mrs. Neely Beem.

Owen County Democrat, page 4
April 24, 1919


Mrs. Chas. Franklin, who kept the hotel at Patricksburg, has moved with her family to Martinsville for future residence.

I. J. Sears and wife are spending a few days with relatives at Indianapolis and Anderson.

Miss Edna Andrews and Mrs. E. A. Fiddler and son Teddy have gone to West Baden for a few weeks. Miss Andrew is drinking the mineral water for health.

Revival services will begin at the Patricksburg M. E. church Sunday evening. April 27th. Rev. Orlane Lane of Lyons, Ind., will be the evangelist if nothing unforseen happens.

The minute-men will have charge of the Sunday morning services, April 27th at the Mt. Zion M. E. church in Patricksburg charge.

Mrs. Fred Blair, who has been seriously ill, has recovered and is able to be out again.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Rentschler have moved to Jasonville for future residence. We regret very much to lose them from our midst, but wish them well in their new home.

Miss Rose Rentschler who had recovered somewhat from her recent illness, suffered a relapse, but is some better at present.

Easter was fully commorated (sic) and observed at the M. E. church. Beginning with a sunrise prayer meeting with some thirty-three or five present, the Sunday school program with Misses Chloe Chambers and Ruth Bayh in charge, followed by the morning worship. were services of inspiration to those present. The Epworth League had a splendid program, at which service four little girls gave a vocal number which was fine. Miss Chloe Chambers gave a fine talk which suited the occasion most admirably. The evening service was in charge of the minute men; Fred Bayh, chairman. The following men spoke on the different phases of the Centenary : O. E. Dunn, Dr. J. V. Stevens, Lyman Heavenridge , all from Spencer; Mart Baumgartner. L. E. York, Mr. Sanders of Worthington ; Howard Woodburn of Bowling Green, Chas. Jones from Mt. Zion neighborhood; and C. F. Lomatch, Robert Biddle, Capt. Renos Richards and Major Birch Bayh of Patricksburg . The church was packed to overflowing and the intense earnestness of the speakers expressed the way in which they regard the Centenary movement. As forty-one people have already signed the tithe cards, we feel sure that Patricksburg charge will not be "found wanting in this movement. The prayer meetings are well attended at Patricksburg. The young folks especially are always found on the job - 55 was the attendance last Thursday evening. It is from these young folks we hope to get our future Christian workers. Mothers, fathers, encourage your children. Give them your whole-hearted support.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Penrod of Bloomington are visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Rentschler spent Easter with home folks.

Mrs. Fred Farris and niece spent the week end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kaiser.

William Schmalz of Indianapolis spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schmalz.

Kenneth Wark, anothe r one of our local boys who ha s been doing his bit overseas with the 135th Field Artillery, and who has been in the midst of some of the severest fighting, spent Wednesday with relatives here. He was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Seth Beem of Indianapolis.

Major Birch Bayh of the Indiana State Normal spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bayh.

Paul Blair and wife of Indianapolis spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Blair.

Miss Edna Andrew and Mrs. Earl Fiddler and son Teddy are spending several weeks at West Baden.

Clifton Schmalz, who has been at Camp Taylor for several months, returned home Saturday.

The bike sale held by the Lutheran ladies was well attended.

A number of the young people gave a farewell party in honor of Miss Nellie Franklin who is moving to Martinsville. The evening was spent in playing game and a course of light refreshments was served.

Quite a number of boys and girls took the eighth grade examination here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs Arthur Maegerlein of Clay City spent Easter with relatives.

Several changes have taken place in the business firms in the past week. M. B. Lucas and Robert Biddle have taken over the Roy H. Schmalz store and Mr. Schmalz has taken over the garage formerly owned by Mr. Lucas. We wish success to all concerned.

The Methodist church held a centenary meeting Sunday night at which minute men from Bowling Green, Worthington and Spencer gave talks. It was well attended and much interest was shown.

Owen County Democrat, page 4
April 24, 1919


Ross Duling's family spent Sunday with Walter Lights.

Shelvy Ooley's family and Ivan Ooley and wife motored to Greencastle Sunday.

M. H. Allen and family, Byrd Stutz and family, Henry Rednor and family, Ray Haltom and family, John Strouse and Florence Stutz took dinner with G. W. Stutz and wife Easter, it being his 71st birthday.

Mrs. Grace Stutz and children visited her parents Easter.

Florence Rickett came up fro m Worthington Sunday evening to see her parents.

Floyd Rickett is sporting a new buggy.

Evern Burkett came Saturday from Bloomington to visit her sister, Mrs. Ross Duling.

Owen County Democrat
September 18, 1919

Real Estate Transfers 4

Reported by Owen County Abstract Co., Herbert A. Rundell, Mgr.

Samuel Parrish to James F. Van Voorhees, in Montgomery twp., 366.35 acres, $1 and exchange of property.

Lewis O. Brewer to Perry R. Brewer, in Washington twp., 1.25 acres, $2,000.

John C. Collenbaugh to Frank O. Defore, lots 5, 6 and 7 in Coal City, in Irvin Smith's 1st addition, $900.

Leon V. Sinclair to Elmer Moore in Taylor twp., 53 acres, $5,640.

Charles A. Jordan to Delia Jordan et al. in Morgan twp., 40 acres, $1 and partition.

Gettey Foster et al. to Elizabeth Cherry, Gosport, Wayne twp., $2,000.

Ralph D. Edwards to James Ooley, lot 43, Spencer, $2,700.

Henry S. McFarren to Frank McFarren, Taylor twp., 150 acres, $1 and love and affection.

Henry S. McFarren to Gloe Snodgrass, Harrison and Taylor twps., 160 acres, $1 and love and affection. •

Norm A. Byers et al. to Richard and Myrtle M. Baugh, Jefferson twp. 170 acres $10,000.

Delia Pape and Nora Pappe to Ed Willey, lot in Lancaster, $350.

Everett Pugh to Asbury C. Williams, Spencer lot 4, S500.

Phillip Scott to Charles E. Owen, Marion twp., 20 acres, $950.

Paris White to Manuel O. Corbin, in Marion twp., $1 and exchange.

Ethel Watson et al. to David W. Buskirk, Harrison twp., 35 acres, $1,225.

Jesse E. Jones, to David W. Buskirk, in Harrison twp., 35 acres, $122.50.

Sarrah A. Hochstetter, et al. to Sarah J. Collenbaugh, Coal City, lot 7, $500.

Belle Meek, et al. to Josiah G. Swain, Taylor twp., 57.6G acres, $2,800.

Elijah N. Dowdall to Daney Stevens, Spencer, lots 36 and 37 in Spencer Heights addition, $160.

Melville B. Comer, to Dickerson and Cutsinger, Jackson twp., 2 acres, $250.

Lorenzo D. Hickam to C. C. Bryant, Freedom, lot 141, $1OO.

Owen County Democrat
September 18, 1919


Miss Irene Royer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Royer. of this city and Mathew J. Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carpenter of Ellettsville were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents Wednesday evening. Rev. J. M. Larimore officiated.

The bride is popular with a large circle of friends. The groom recently returned from overseas where he was a member of the rainbow division. They will make their home in Bloomington where he is employed at the Johnson creamery.

Bloomington Evening World, page 1
December 01, 1919

Fire Causes $75,000 Damage to Business District of Gosport

Fire which started early Sunday in the J. O. Davis Bakery at Gosport, sixteen miles north of here, destroyed an entire business block of two-story brick buildings, entailing a loss of over $75,000. The building occupied by the bakery, the C. B. Criss drug store, the Beehive department store, the Dr. F. B. Stucky drug store, and the Masonic Hall were burned to the ground.

Only a few things were saved from any of the buildings and the greatest loss on stock is at the Beehive store which had recently been invoiced at 15,000. The buildings and stocks of goods were only partially covered by insurance.

The blaze started at 2:20 a.m. and it was 6 o'clock before it had burned itself out. The little town, which has a population of about 1,500, has two chemical fire- fighting machines, but these afforded little protection on account of the headway the blaze had made before the alarm was given, and on account of the high wind.

The destruction of the entire business district was threatened and it was only by the heroic work of almost the entire population that anything was saved. Plate glass windows in the buildings occupied by the bank and the Weekly Reporter on the opposite side of the street were melted by the intense heat.

The beehive store was owned by Lewis McNutt of Brazil, whose residence near his business building was also totally destroyed. The fire was the third to have had its origin from the bakery in the last three years.

Appeals were made to Bloomington, Martinsville, and Spencer to send their fire departments to the assistance of the town but it was found impossible to comply with the request as there is no waterworks system there.