Bugbee Forgery

Bloomington Courier
March 03, 1883

For Sale

I have for sale the following property:

  • 240 acres of good farming land in Owen county, near Quincy.
  • 160 acres of good grain land on Eel river, in Owen county.
  • 76 acres of grass land in Owen county, near Quincy.
  • A one story and a half frame house on Walnut street in Bloomington.
  • Lot 40 by 160, facing railroad.

All of the above property will be sold on reasonable terms. Apply to or address

A. W. Rose, Bloomington, Ind.

Bloomington Courier
March 03, 1883

Arrested for Spoiled Meat

Sherrif Grimes went down to the West part of the county this week and arrested a man named Ison for selling spoiled meat in Owen county.

Bloomington Courier
September 01, 1883

Candidates for Congress

The following is a list of probable candidates for Congress in this, the Fifth, District: John C. Robinson, Inman H. Fowler, Wiley Dittemore, of Owen county; Eb. Henderson, James V. Mitchell, M. H. Parks, of Morgan county; Judge Woolen, of Johnson county; Mr. Heavenridge, of Hendricks county; Col. Matson, Willis Neff, of Putnam county ; Geo. W. Cooper, Judge Carr, of Bartholomew county; W. W. Browning, of Brown county. This leaves Monroe county yet to hear from, and who knows but what she may carry off the prize.

Bloomington Courier
December 01, 1883

Case of James LaShore

The case of James LaShore, of Owen county, against the railway was tried again this week. This is a case wherein the plaintiff asked for damages for injuries received by being thrown from a hand car, near Gosport, last June. Eight of the jury "pulled for the shore" and the other four were for the defendant, and that is the way they stood when discharged. The case was tried last term, when eleven of the jury were for the plaintiff.