Bugbee Forgery

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

A Spring Bargain

I have bought at a bargain 1,500 pounds of best Japan Head Rice, that I will sell as long as I have any in stock at

Four Pounds for 25 cts.

This is 20 per cent. below regular price. Take advantage of it.



Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

Pleasant View

Miss Mary Arney spent Sunday with home folks.

Miss Ada Calbert returned home Sunday after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Amy Abrell.

Misses Monie and Bertha Kay called on Miss Dail Strouse Sunday.

M. E. Strauss is poorly with heart trouble.

Clayton Abrell called on his sister Mrs. Minnie Strouse, Sunday.

John and Homer Folk called on John and Ralph Arney Sunday.

W. M. Folk and family, Burgess Arney and C. S. Abrell called on Elza Strouse Sunday.

L. L. Day is numbered with the sick.

Rowan Abrell and family called on Harriett Long Sunday.

Miss Lillie D. Strouse spent one night last week with Miss Flora Pryor.

Miss Mabel Abrell came Monday to stay with Mrs. Foster Abrell who is poorly.

John Hoot and mother were shopping in Freedom Saturday.

Mrs. John Garvin returned home Sunday after a visit with her parents at Linton.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


Wiley Boles and family returned to their home in Indianapolis Wednesday after a few days' visit with relatives here.

Frank McCormick of Cataract, spent Thursday and Friday nights with his brother, J. D. McCormick.

Mrs. George Lawson and daughter spent Saturday with Will Hauser.

Mrs. Lon Ooley is slowly improving.

William Hauser and family, Kay Cobb and family spent Sunday at Harley Hauser's.

Ira Davis and sister, Zella, of Spencer, spent Sunday at Bill Sims.

Carl Grady and wife spent Sunday at John Arnett's.

There will be preaching at Shiloh next Sunday by Rev. Wall.

Mrs. William Davis and Mrs. James Wood went to Greencastle Sunday.

Win McClure, wife and son, Herman, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Spencer.

Edd McBride has moved on the Eli Bowman farm.

The Kliaber and Fannin saw-mill is now in running order on John McCormick's farm.

Muse Ooley is visiting his sister, Mrs. Wm. Morris.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

How Can Any

How can any person risk taking some unknown cough remedy when Foley's Honey and Tar costs them no more? It is a safe remedy, contains no harmful drugs, and cures the most obstinate coughs and colds. Why experiment with your health? Insist upon having the genuine Foley's Honey and Tar. - O. E. Dunn & Co.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


J. E. Freeman who has been very ill with lung fever is improving nicely.

Myrtle Brown and Flora Noel visited friends and relatives in Monroe county last week.

Mr. Brent, of Indianapolis, was down last week looking after his farm.

H. H. Brown and wife visited their son Harve at Bloomington, Saturday and Sunday.

James Thacker and wife, of Vilas, visited J. K. Freeman and family, Thursday.

Charley Barnes and family, of near Solsberry, visited Isaac Noel and family, Saturday night and Sunday.

Miss Fannie Atkins was a Spencer visitor, Saturday.

Adolph Freeman, who has been sick with lung fever, is much better.

Harrison Brown and wife visited Harve Brinson and family, Sunday.

Rolla Sims came home, Sunday, sick with la grippe.

J. J. Maners and family, Eph Bruner and family took dinner with Enoch Bruner and family, Sunday. The sale at Charley Rice's last Tuesday was well attended.

Ernest Parrish and wife took dinner with Ben Ranard and family, Sunday.

Fred Maners visited Rolla Sims, near Romona, Saturday night.

James and Elias Patterson called Sunday on their way home from Spencer.

Charles Clendenen and family, of near Freedom, visited J. E. Freeman and family, Saturday night and Sunday. John Ranard will move on Tom Henry's farm. soon.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


Miss Minnie Fry, of Marco, is visiting her aunt Mrs. Pauline Bryant this week.

John Patterson and wife of Jasonville visited friends and here last week.

Lowell Sinclair and wife of Switz City visited relatives here last week.

Solomon Williams returned home from Martinsville Tuesday.

James Randle made a business trip to Spencer Tuesday.

Miss Grace Long came down from Indianapolis Sunday to attend the funeral of her uncle, Henry Bryant.

Chas Patterson and Jas. Randle went to Worthington Wednesday.

Abe Haseman moved to a farm near Clay City this week.

Harry Miller has moved into the house just vacated by Abe Haseman

John Haton moved into a house of Chas. Patterson's Monday.

Mrs. Anna Arthur and daughter Miss Pearl of Freedom visited Mrs. Sol Williams this week.

Mrs. Amanda McIndoo of Freedom visited relatives here last week.

Mrs. Mamie Cornett of Elliston visited her parents here recently.

Abe Haseman made a business trip to Clay City Tuesday.

Mrs. Harrison Trent and daughter Miss Minnie visited in Spencer week.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

Tariff may be on Coffee

Still people use it and will continue to do so. At our store the proposed increase of 1 cent has not affected the price. Better lay in stock now to last you


You will always find our store well supplied with the very best the market affords in the line of

Staple and Fancy Groceries,

Smoked meats, Lard, Glassware, Queensware, Cigars and Tobacco; in fact you will find at our store everything that enter into the line of an up-to-date grocery store Vegetables and fruits of all kinds in season at such prices that you can afford to use them. We want your poultry, butter and eggs. Highest market price in cash or trade

Vandeventer & Tapp.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


In garden seeds, soap, sugar and flour.

We bake Salt Rising Bread Tuesday and Saturday.

Those handling the Bread are: Spencer Mercantile Co., J. W. Egnor, C. M. Allen and J.R. Greene.

Always fresh at the Bakery.

W.H. Berry

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


Genuine Brown Cultivators and Harrows, Osborne Disc Harrows, Oliver Breaking Plows and Black Hawk Corn Planters all in stock ready for your inspection. Come and see us before buying.

Galimore Hardware Co.

South Side Public Square

Spencer. Indiana.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


GO TO.......... LOUIS SCHMIDT'S Leading Druggist of Spencer. Piersons New Block, West Side.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

Trustees office

Notice. The Trustees office has been moved to the corner of Main and Wayne street, two blocks south of the Public Square. Regular office days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. E. M. ALLEN, Trustee

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909

John B. Archer

Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist

Calls answered promptly day or night. Office in Berry's Feed Barn building. 'Phone, Old 31, New 24.

Owen County Democrat, page 7
March 25, 1909


NOTICE. If you want to buy a farm or to sell the one you have got it will pay you to see me. All kmds of farms or town property for sale or trade.

Write me your wants.

Farms sold on short notice.