Nees, Andrew J

Feb 25 1855: Married Margaret A Bowman

Nees, Belle F

Sept 17 1895: Married John W Stwally

Nees, Christopher

1870: Census, Jackson township

Nees, Clara

Aprl 29 1903: Married Walter B Peden

Daniel Beem And His Descendants, p. 75

Nees, Curtis C

Apr 11 1897: Married Minnie C Harris

Nees, Elizabeth

Oct 7 1900: Married John M Devore

Nees, George C

July 6 1889: Married A May Meyer

Nees, Hezekiah M

Dec 12 1861: Married Elizabeth Neese

Nees, Jackson

1870: Census, Jackson township

Nees, Jacob

1870: Census, Jackson township

Nees, Jeremiah

Feb 25 1869: Married Amanda Maritt

Nees, John B.

Abstracts of Owen County Indiana Wills before 1900, p. 43,117

Nees, John H

Oct 23 1864: Married Nancy Jane Gard

Nees, Margaret

Feb 8 1855: Married David B Mace

Nees, Martha A M

Mar 18 1884: Married William A Zenor

Nees, Mary M.

1870: Census, Jackson township

Nees, Milton L

June 5 1901: Married Lulu I Turner

Nees, Rose M

Aprl 1 1880: Married Benjamin E Schoppenhorst

Nees, Samuel M

Aprl 13 1862: Married Emline Reed

Nees, Thomas N

Aug 28 1870: Married Mary A Wilson