Mcclure, Andrew R.

1870: Census, Washington township

Mcclure, Carrie

Abstracts of Owen County Indiana Wills before 1900, p. 83

Mcclure, Ellie A

Dec 17 1882: Married Dell H Johnson

Mcclure, Feter H

Nov 13, 1853: Married Sarah A Achison

Mcclure, Gertrude L

Aug 18 1900: Married Robert C Cook

Mcclure, Hattie C

Nov 12 1898: Married Ellsworth Campbell

Mcclure, James

Apr 10 1886: Married Maggie Dunkin

Mcclure, James M

Nov 15 1879: Married Belle Hall

Mcclure, Joel W

Aug 31 1865: Married Mary E Miller

Mcclure, L. N.

1870: Census, Montgomery township

Mcclure, Levi N

Mar 20 1894: Married Nina Easton

Mcclure, Margaret

Feb 6 1873: Married David May

Mcclure, Mary

1870: Census, Jackson township

Mcclure, Peter H.

Abstracts of Owen County Indiana Wills before 1900, p. 55

Mcclure, Sam

George Z. Smith Dead

Mcclure, Thomas

Oct 20 1874: Married Mary Cain

Mcclure, William

1870: Census, Washington township

Aug 28 1877: Married Elmira Cook

Mcclure, Wilson

July 16 1881: Married Amilda Cain

Mcclure, Win


Mcclure, Wm

1870: Census, Washington township