James, Betty Arlene

Betty Arlene James

James, Charley

: Married Della Querry

James, Curtis

Daniel Beem And His Descendants, p. 73

James, Elizabeth

Mar 27 1864: Married Hiram E Crouch

James, Elizabeth C

Feb 2 1890: Married Beverly P Barnes

James, Frank Dewey

Frank Dewey James

James, Frank Leonard

Frank Leonard James

James, Henry

Had land grant

Sept 23 1855: Married Almira Curtis

James, J.

Freedom Flashes / Rattlesnake Rattlers

James, James

1820 Census

Aprl 27 1851: Married M Ann Chambers

Nov 26 1865: Married Sidney Crouch

James, Jane

Mar 1 1864: Married Cornelius Crouch

James, Jas C.

1870: Census, Wayne township

James, Katherine

Daniel Beem And His Descendants, p. 73

James, Margaret

Jan 21 1858: Married James J Johnson

James, Margaret A

May 14 1868: Married Edward W Cromwell

James, Margaret G

Aprl 5 1874: Married Charles W Stone

James, Mary

Mar 14 1852: Married David Kile

James, Mary C

July 31 1853: Married George O Buttler

James, Mary Jane

Sept 21 1854: Married Levi Hall

James, Minnie B

Dec 15 1868: Married William C Betts

James, Sam

1870: Census, Wayne township

James, Sarah C

May 31 1857: Married James M Crisp

James, Thresia

May 24 1874: Married Charles O Shother

James, William

(???): Married Mary J Crouch

James, William W

Sept 30 1893: Married Mary E Wampler