Christy, Abigail

Aug 14 1856: Married Francis M Henry

Christy, Albert

Nov 8 1886: Married Lydia Clark

Christy, Amanda E

Dec 23 1883: Married Robert V Ooley

Christy, Andrew

Had land grant

Had land grant

Christy, Cinthia A

Aprl 10 1883: Married John W Ooley

Christy, Clide Wallace

Sept 6 1893: Married Chloe E Rumple

Christy, Eliza E

Jan 20 1876: Married John A Brown

Christy, Elizabeth

Mar 18 1855: Married William R Madars

Christy, Elizabeth Ann

Oct 19 1859: Married William A Mallicoat

Christy, James F

Aug 11 1862: Married Mary A Pooter

Christy, John

Had land grant

Christy, John H

Sept 5 1888: Married Passy E Crouch

Christy, Joseph

Abstracts of Owen County Indiana Wills before 1900, p. 23

Had land grant

Christy, Mallie

Jan 10 1889: Married Ella Ham

Christy, Martha T

Jan 7 1869: Married James T Dowell

Christy, Mary E

Jan 1 1889: Married Daniel G Ooley

Aug 20 1879: Married Eli Reed

Christy, Maude

Sept 2 1883: Married Robert E Breeden

Christy, Nancy C

July 8 1880: Married Henry Vandeventer

Christy, Phelix

Mar 6 1851: Married Malinda Meadows

Christy, Riley

Oct 11 1884: Married Esma Beyers

Christy, Sarah Ellen

Dec 10 1873: Married John J Livingston

Christy, Vada Bon

July 11 1901: Married Herman Peterson

Christy, William B

Mar 6 1866: Married Elizabeth J Brown

Feb 21 1861: Married Sarah Porter

Christy, William B.

Abstracts of Owen County Indiana Wills before 1900, p. 23,102,103

Christy, William R

Feb 21 1909: Married Maggie M Sheppard

Christy, Wm B.

1870: Census, Clay township