Jennings, Theodore C.

Theodore C. Jennings was born in Eastern Tennessee in 1804, married at Owensboro, Kentucky and for several years was a paper manufacturer at Louisville. In 1840 he moved to Indiana and built a large water power mill on Eel River, residing in the meantime at Cataract. Later he was a farmer near Spencer, Indiana, and in order to give his children better educational facilities moved to Bloomington, the seat of Indiana University. His last years he spent at Greencastle, Indiana and he died in 1902.

He was a democrat without political aspirations, and was a thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason. Theodore C. Jennings married Emily Yeager, who was born near Owensboro, Kentucky in 1819 and died at Greencastle, Indiana in 1884. The oldest of their children, Mary, who died at Louisville, Kentucky was the wife of Jeff William who for many years was a farmer and liveryman at and near Louisville, but died at Brazil, Indiana. Julia, later living at Indianapolis, was the widow of Rev. T. M. Wiles, a minister of the Christian Church. Parthenia, who died at Indianapolis, was the wife of Dr W. V. Wiles, a physician and druggist who died at Spencer, Indiana. Myra of Greencastle, Indiana was the widow of J. B. Curtis who was a miller and died at Spencer, Indiana. T. S. Jennings was a physician and surgeon at Louisville. Emma, who lived at Bloomington, Indiana was the widow of Rev. T. J. Clark, a minister of the Christian Church. Candace, who died at Mount Carmel, Illinois, was the wife of Frank Baird, a druggist.

Source: History of Kentucky, Volume 5; William Elsey Connelley, Ellis Merton Coulter