Beem, Michael

Michael Beem was born in North Carolina December 21, 1785, to Daniel and Mary Beem. He came to the east fork of White river with his father in 1810, where he continued to reside to the close of his life. During the Indian hostilities he served in the Indiana militia and was one of the twenty-nine men with General Tipton, who had the fight with the Indians at Tipton's Island in 1813. He was never married. I know but little concerning his life. When I was a small boy he visited my father and remained with us some time. I remember him as a morose, silent man, never telling anything concerning himself. He evidently had not made a success of life, and as I remember withdrew himself largely from the gaze of men. Whatever bitter experiences, whatever disappointments and shattered hopes he may have had were securely sheltered in the dark recesses of his own soul. He died in Jackson County about the year 1848.

Source: David E. Beem, 1917. "Daniel Beem and his descendants"