Lake Hollybrook

Lake Hollybrook is a private, 32-acre lake located near Gosport. It is surrounded by roughly 115 properties that jointly own the lake through a homeowner's assocation.

The lake is on property once part of a 154-acre farm owned by Shirley Martin. Limestone was quarried on the land, and sometime in the 1920's Martin sold stock in the Lake Hollybrook Corporation. A dam was built across Limestone Creek to turn the quarry pit into a lake. Some of the early investors were Mike Brighton, Fred Hollis, and Sam Sanders.

At one point, the lake possessed a swimming beach with bathhouse and concession stand, as well as a slide and diving board. The area was also home to a baseball field and dance hall.

On June 25, 1932, after several days of rain, the dam collapsed. State Road 67 was under water for several hours and hundreds of acres of farmland were flooded. It was thought that additions added to the single spillway to raise the lake level had rendered it incapable of handling the flood. When the dam was rebuilt, a second spillway was added.

The lake is constantly filling with sediment. In 2008 the lake was dredged and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources awarded a $400,000 grant to rebuild the spillway and to restock the lake with fish. Local residents suspect another limestone quarry upstream may be contributing gravel.