When the New Albany Railroad was built through Owen County in 1853, a trestle was built across Brush Creek. Quincy was platted in the area around the trestle. The original plat consisted of 39 lots and was expanded to 113 lots by 1855. William L. Hart platted the land and built a large steam saw mill, which, along with the railroad, provided employment for the residents. D. B. Gray ran the first store, which burned sometime before 1860. Other early independent businesses included:

  • Davis & Mcllvaine's, general stock
  • William Moore, general stock (burned)
  • Aikin Dakin & Sons, merchandising
  • McClerren & Beaman's, business
  • Knox & Buchannan, dry goods
  • Mr. Murphy, saloon
  • Buchannan & Whittaker, business
  • Archer & Sanders, merchants
  • Buck & Alexander, business on Lot 16
  • M. L. Orrel, storehouse
  • Sanders & Martin, store
  • Dr. Brown, drugs
  • David Bryant, drugs
  • Orrell & Craddick, hardware

Other early residents included William R. Keith, Samuel Pittman, William Vestle, M. L. Orrell and Dr. D. H. McDonald.

In 1873 and 1930 fires destroyed most of the business district. The latter fire destroyed the O. E. Stewart store, the Dunkin general store, and the Herbert store.

In 1953 the school building was destroyed in a fire.